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August 30, 2015
Mr Harvey, no need to apologize. It was a well researched book. Hope to see more of your books in the future. Perhaps you can write a book about Hillel and Shammai.

August 31, 2015
Thank you for the compliment. I have written many published articles but only one book. There were a few mistakes in Rabban Gamaliel that I corrected and also added additional information as I discovered it. Nothing dramatic, but you can download a free copy of the revised book from my website www.rabbangamaliel.org/bookorder.htm at the bottom of the page.
God bless!

October 23, 2012
I am an author, currently writing a novel based on Anna of the tribe of Asher... Having returned from some time in Israel, I have just found and read your work... I have been on your website... I'm feeling overwhelmed and have peace in my spirit regarding your conclusions, so THANK YOU.
Esther, London UK

October 23, 2011
I was visiting another church today and the Adult Class teacher read from your book!
-Harrisburg, PA

September, 2011
I was initially very excited to find a book on Rabbi Gamaliel. Harvey started out writing some good points on the rabbi but digressed greatly shortly into the book. Numerous early pages were very redundant. Most of the book is anything but a narrative on Gamaliel. For someone who claims to be a Christian theologian, he is very biased in his opinions and has serious misunderstandings about other Christian beliefs. It seemed as though most of his book was an excuse to vent his latent frustrations. He also needs to learn how to write a book before sending a manuscript off to a publisher. Any peer-review in theology or history would have helped him tremendously in correctly addressing the title topic. His theological training must have been very limited to provide such shallow comments. A good basic biblical history class would have helped his understanding of theology. Reading the book was a total waste of my time and money.
- Jim, (Amazon book review)

My concept of a "book review" is different from Jim's. I would think that the reviewer would say a few things about the book and not just what he thinks of the author. Jim gave my book a one star rating (lowest possible grade). He "reviewed" one other book to date, a science-fiction book titled "WORM" about the "first digital World War." In his "review" he admits he didn't even read the book, yet gave it a five star rating! 

March 18, 2007
I am giving your book to the Sussex County Library. That way many people can read it.

March 11, 2007
I was going through a very difficult time in my life and was getting really frustrated with God. I had been slowly reading your book and got to the the part where you wrote about your midlife crises just as I was experiencing the same. That was exactly what I needed! Thank you!
- Ken

August 9, 2006

I am reading your book: Rabban Gamaliel. It is enjoyable and spiritually challenging. I do have a question or two, which is the purpose of this letter... in the quiz, Appendix I, question twelve, you contend that "more is written about the coming of Christ in the book of Isaiah than in all four Gospels together." I am wondering if we compared verse for verse whether Luke should not receive that honor.

I will thank anyone who takes the time to make this comparison and come up with statistics. I simply assumed that the German theologian who made this statement had done his homework.

Isaiah, chapters 40-55 are generally accepted as messianic chapters and chapters 36-66 reference the second coming of the Lord. Isaiah 8:14-15; 9:6-7 and chapter 11 are also prophetic references to Christ. The amount of prophecy regarding the first and second advent alone in chapters 40-66 would, in my opinion, make Isaiah the winner. Luke’s gospel has only 24 chapters. The last 26 chapters of Isaiah, often called “The Book of Consolation” is seen by some as a prophetic parallel of the 26 books of the New Testament.

The second question I have concerns quiz question 19 where you contend that "Jesus received his name in the temple when 8 days old." Luke 2:21 only mentions his naming at the circumcision, but not where it took place. - David

I’m sorry about this goof! It has been corrected in the second edition! The Bible only says that Jesus was circumcised at 8 days, but doesn’t say where this occurred. We don’t even know the city in which this took place, let alone the building. Some believe he was still in Bethlehem while others, including myself, believe Joseph and Mary returned to Nazareth within days of his birth. One has suggested that the family may have spent some time recuperating with Zacharias and Elizabeth in Jerusalem.

July 17, 2006

I sent a copy of your book to Rev. Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral. I am enclosing his note of appreciation for you. - Lee

July 3, 2006

You should send a copy of your book to Oprah Winfrey! - Charlie

May 6, 2006

Just a note to thank you for the signed copy of your book "Rabban Gamaliel".   Just by scanning through it, we can tell you put a lot of thought and hard work into the research and writing of the book, so we are looking forward to reading it. - John & Marion

April 7, 2006

The package arrived in good condition. - Richard

Ten copies were mailed to Austria and 5 copies sold immediately.

February 17, 2006

Chapter 11 - The second set of your 7 points I want to pin near my desk. Thanks for this treasure! It shows me where I need to work on my character in Christ. - Richard

February 7, 2006

I have already started reading and it is not a hard read. I was afraid I'd bog down but you have done so well making it readable and interesting even to us "history challenged" people! - Alma

Jan. 25, 2006

I have finished reading RABBAN GAMALIEL and am now beginning to read it over again --- It has so MUCH in it to digest... I have had a really difficult time stopping my reading each session to tend to the interruptions of living... I absolutely LOVE your book. It has "a little bit of everything" to keep a reader going...  Of course I will want more copies... - Lee

Thanks for the compliments! - RVH

Jan. 23, 2006

I thought I was going to have a theological debate with you, but as I kept reading, you convinced me. - Dave

Please correct me if you think I am wrong. I am still learning. - RVH

Jan. 7, 2006

Tacitus mentions the counting of all people briefly and said that all men must sign the necessary documents and pay the taxes accordingly. Perhaps this procedure took only one afternoon. It could be that Mary & Joseph only stayed in Bethlehem a few days, stopping in Jerusalem on their way home to visit Elisabeth and Zacharias with John the Baptist. - Richard

You may be right in that conjecture. - RVH