About the Author, Ralph V. Harvey

Ralph Harvey and his wife, Verna, have served 50 years as missionaries, 38 of them in Austria. In addition to establishing churches, they were instrumental in founding and operating a youth center, a printing and publishing house, a Bible Institute, and an international youth organization. They also worked with refugees, collected and distributed relief goods for needy countries of Eastern Europe and helped with church construction in Romania and Albania. Ralph has written articles relating to missions and church history in both English and German. The Harveys are presently serving as Ambassadors for Avant Ministries. For more information, click on the link to their personal website below.

AVANT MINISTRIES http://www.avantministries.org
PERSONAL WEBSITE http://www.rvharvey.org
Half-hour radio interview (4 MB audio file) about this book
which was broadcast over WSNJ on June 25, 2006